I have recently moved a project from Delphi 2010/IW 14.0.36/TMS Intraweb Component Pack Pro Script Edition    to     Delphi XE5/IW 14.0.37/TMS Intraweb Component Pack Pro Script Edition 5.8.0.

I am using the TIWStaticMenu on one of the forms. In D 2010/IW 14.0.36/TMS ICPP the menu height was 184 as per the property inspector. The Menu items appeared to be single spaced. This was the desired appearance.

After recompiling using D XE5/IW 14.0.37/TMS ICPP 5.8.0, the menu is now much higher even though the menu height is still set to 184. The menu now looks double spaced. Is this a known issue?

I will be glad to send you screen shots of the different versions if necessary.

I really didn't expect the menu to change when going to the new version. Unfortunately, I realize there are three new factors, (upgraded Delphi, upgraded Intraweb, upgraded TMS CPP) any one of which could be causing the problem. But I really hope you can help.

I want the menu to look as it did when compiled under D2010/IW 14.0.36/TMS CPP.

I look forward to hearing from you.


Randall H. Carpenter


I have not been able to reproduce this issue.
Can you please provide a ready to run sample project that demonstrates the issue so I can further investigate this? It would also be helpful if you can provide screenshots.

It's not easy to provide a sample project since it accesses my Sybase Advantage database.

However, I have determined what is causing the menu to appear double spaced. I have used HTML formatting to center the menu items. This worked fine in the prior version/installation.

When I remove the HTML formatting, and leave the menu items left-aligned (default), the menu displays correctly. Is this a bug?


Randall H. Carpenter

I understand that it is difficult to provide a sample project.
However can you please provide extra information on how you are formatting the items (which HTML formatting are you using?) along with a screenshot?
This would help to determine the cause of the issue.

I'll be glad to provide some screen shots. What is best way? I cannot insert/embed a screen shot in this editor. Do you have an email address to which I can submit attachments or embedded screen shots?


Randall H. Carpenter

You can send a mail with attachment to mailto:help@tmssoftware.com