AdvMegaMenu...Margins ignored

Hi all,

when i hate somthing then things like this !   :-(

I design the Menus, Sections and the Menu items. In the Preview looks great. But at Runtime the Item Appearance (Margin, Spacing) are completly ignored ! AutoSectionSize is not Checked !
Then i take a look at the Demo. The Demo not works because advscmoothgdi.dcu are not on my System. I deleted the Code and the uses and running the Demo. In the Demo it works !!!! I checked the Propertys in my Application and they are the same... Where is the Trick ?

Good Morning...

yesterday i had a look at die DFM. I want to see the different from the demo to my project ... but it´s the same ! I can´t see what happend...

Please help.

How can i send Screenshots ? Via Mail ?


Yes, please send this via email.

It is unclear what the issue is, you can safely replace the AdvSmoothGDIP unit with ADVGDIP, and make sure you are running the latest version and there are no old DCU files on your system. If you keep experiencing issues after this approach, please send us your screenshots, source code and / or samples that demonstrate this issue.


i am running the latest Version. of the Component Pack. Installed through the normal Installer. The unit AdvGDIP us not currently in the uses. I have added this unit... dont work.

Please send a sample source app with which we can reproduce this here by email so we can investigate this.

need a litte time... till tomorrow .-)