TADV Menu 150% DPI

  when I create simple project with ADV Main Menu and some menu items, it is corrupted on 150 DPI (maybe more too). Same program on 100% DPI works fine.
  In 150% DPI there these two bugs
- There no check in chekbox in menu item (only rectangle)
- There no submenu arrow in menu item, but submenu works

I can post screenshot, but I don't have idea how in this forum. :-(

I tested n Windows 10.

Thank you for response


Is this the latest version of the components?
I have retested this here and I do not see any issues. Checkbox, radiobutton and submenu  are displayed correct on Windows 10.

Hello Bruno,
  thank you for response.
  I have installed version I see that there are some newer version from April, but when I downloaded it and run setup exe, I see that this is Is it bug on installer or any trouble during downloading?
  I use Delphi Tokyou 10.2.


Do you verify the version nr. in the object inspector via Version property on TAdvMainMenu?

The class TADVMainMenu show version It should be installation package of version


I can only assume that other settings must affect this as we cannot see an issue here.
Can you send your test source project with which this can be reproduced via email?

Yes, I can send test project. Give me your mail please.