TTIWAdvMessageDialog dialog width

How can I control the width of the dialog generated by TTIWAdvMessageDialog.Show() ?

I implemented a simple dialog in my application but the resulting box is quite narrow: buttons are on top of each other and the text is nearly underdable (it's several times as high as wide).

I've tried to use the "width" property but that only seems to affects the size of the (non-visual) component at design time, not the width of the run-time dialog.

In case that issue results from an incorrect usage of the control here is the (relevant) code that displays the dialog box:

      dlgxDeleteBookingInfoConfirm.CommonButtons := [cbYes, cbCancel];
      dlgxDeleteBookingInfoConfirm.Notes := String.Join('<br>', Notes.ToArray());
      dlgxDeleteBookingInfoConfirm.ShowDialog := true;
      dlgxDeleteBookingInfoConfirm.Position := pTopCenter;
      dlgxDeleteBookingInfoConfirm.Tag := rlBookingData.Items[rlBookingData.ItemIndex].Tag;

and the object's definition in the dfm:

  object dlgxDeleteBookingInfoConfirm: TTIWAdvMessageDialog
    Left = 8
    Top = 0
    Width = 800
    Height = 25
    ZIndex = 1001
    ButtonBarFont.Color = clNone
    ButtonBarFont.FontName = 'Helvetica'
    ButtonBarFont.Size = 10
    ButtonBarFont.Style = []
    Caption = 'Please confirm'
    CaptionFont.Color = clNone
    CaptionFont.FontName = 'Helvetica'
    CaptionFont.Size = 10
    CaptionFont.Style = [fsBold]
    CloseButtonHint = 'Close'
    CollapseControlHint = 'Show details'
    CollapseControlText = 'Show details'
    CommonButtons = [cbYes, cbCancel]
    ExpandControlHint = 'Expand'
    ExpandControlText = 'Expand'
    Font.Color = 10040064
    Font.FontName = 'Helvetica'
    Font.Size = 12
    Font.Style = []
    Notes = 'Notes'
    OnButtonClick = dlgxDeleteBookingInfoConfirmButtonClick

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I haven't been able to reproduce this issue with the sample code you provided.

Can you please provide the following information so I can further investigate this?
- Delphi version
- IntraWeb version
- Browser name and version
- Does the issue also occur in a new IntraWeb project that only contains a TTIWAdvMessageDialog?


I'm using Delphi 10.2.3 (Tokyo) and IW 15.4. The issue is present on all browsers (Edge, IE, Chrome, FF, Safari) although I'm mostly using Chrome for debubbing.

As far as I can say, the issue only occures on that form: it's a busy one.

I've tried many thoings to get the popoup to work properly but have met with little sucess. By changing the dialog conponent parent that is on the top of the Z-order (instead of the form), I managed to get the width to be something more acceptable. of course, I can't display the dialog on the form itself any more and I'm having other issues (for instance, the TIWresponsiveList component that is the main component in that region displays its items ON TOP of the dialog, making it unusable. Another issue: the main part of the form is used to display a PDF document and I can't get the popup on top of it so I have to move it somewhere else).

Really: what is the proper way to have that dialog to use the form as control and make sure it stays on the top of everything else?


Note that the TIWAdvMessageDialog should always be placed directly on the form to make it appear on top of the other content automatically.

I've noticed there are conflicts when the TIWAdvMessageDialog is used on combination with a TIWResponsiveList. We'll have to investigate if this behavior can be improved in a future version.

If you are seeing issues in combination with other controls, please provide a ready to run sample project that demonstrates the issue so I can further investigate this.
Projects can be sent via email to:
Please also provide the version of Delphi and IntraWeb you are using.

I just sent you a demo project. Sorry if it's not really pretty: I just copy/pasted the problematic form from my application.

We will investigate & report.