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Where are Demos located for the entire Intraweb suite?


The TMS IW FeaturesDemo is Included with the trial version of the TMS IW Component Pack.
This application is installed in the machine's Documents folder.


Thanks I already compiled them

Demos works excellent, however it only works con localhost (localmachine).

If I attempt to access the"IW121FeaturesDemo" server on a cell phone or another computer device different than the programming computer it will not work. I already check the firewall settings and everythings ok.

Can you point me in the right direction please?


Please note that the TMS IntraWeb Component Pack trial version will cause the IntraWeb framework to run in trial mode. When IntraWeb is in trial mode the applications will run on a dynamic port number.

Are you accessing the application through the correct port number?

Of course I checked the correct por number but nothing happends

Does the issue also occur with a new IntraWeb application using only default IW controls.
If so, this is a general IntraWeb framework related issue.
Please contact Atozed software for further assistance.