Cannot install demo

I am trying to evaluate the IW security system with XE2.  I already have normal TMS Component Pack and Intraweb Component pack installed, and I downloaded the demo for IW14 (I have IW 14.0.24).

First, the installer installed into Delphi TSSCoreDXE2.bpl and IW12TSSUIDXE2.bpl.  I removed the latter and changed it to IW14TSSUIDXE2.bpl.  Now I get:

@Iwform@TIWForm@ExecuteForm$qqrv could not be found in Intraweb_14_DXE2.BPL
Cannot load package T:\F8D16\TMSIW\TIWSSDXE2\IW14TSSUIDXE2.bpl

Will this problem go away if I buy the component and compile it?  If so I may just buy it rather than wait for you to fix the problem in the BPL to test the demo.


- Please note the trial version is not compatible with IW 14.0.24.
Detailed information about trial version compatibility is available on the TMS IW Security System product page.

- The registered version does not have this limitation and we are not aware of any install issues for Delphi XE 2 with IW 14.
Although I should mention that the current release has only been tested with IntraWeb up to version 14.0.12.