IW 12.1 Feetures demo ?

Hi All,

The only demo / examples file I have found so far is the TMSIW121FeaturesDemo.zip file. When unpacked and opened by Delphi 10.3.2, with IW15.1.9 installed, it loads correctly but compiling stops with 1 error:

Unit IWAdvWebGridExcel not found.

I don't know if there will be other errors, but I can see from the uses clause in the GridEpxort unit, that also the TMSIWUFlxFormats unit is marked as not found.

Anybody know where I can find those units and maybe why they are not part of the TMS IW component Pack I just invested in.

A temporary solution could be an executable version of the demo, showing the capabilities of the various units, since I do have access to most source files of the demo, I can see how it is used in the program.

Soren Jensen


Can you please make sure you have correctly installed the package file "IW15TMSXLSDXE12UPD.dproj" and added the path to the "xlsadapter" folder to your Delphi library path?
Hi Bart,

Thanks for your reply. It was the folder not added to the library path causing the problem.


Thanks for confirming the issue was resolved.