TIPhoneRegion background colour


I have: IPhoneRegion, IPhoneStyle, IPhoneHeader. On the IPhoneStyle I have set FullScreen false, HideAddressBar true, and I have defined two colours in BGColor and BGColorTo (say dark green and light green). I'm testing on an iPhone 5.

When I run it, the address bar is still displayed. To get the address bar to hide I need to increase the height of the IPhoneRegion to 500 pixels. After doing this  the address bar is then hidden, BUT the background gradient colour of the region starts again just before the bottom of the screen. That is, it is dark green at the top, and fades to light green going down the screen, but then restarts so there is a dark green band across the bottom of the screen (I would guess the height of this band is the same as the height of the menu bar).

I have also tried this with an iPhone 4 and had the same result.

So two questions:
1) Why do I need to increase the height of the IPhoneRegion to 500 pixels to make the address bar disappear?
2) How can I make the BGColorTo stretch to the bottom of the screen so I don't have the band across the bottom?

Thank you,


1) This is a limitation of the iOS browser. If the content of the page is not higher that the size of the window, the content can't be scrolled and thus the address bar can't be hidden.
If you don't want to change the height of the IWiPhoneRegion you can also place the region lower on the form.
This should also trigger the hiding of the address bar at run-time.

2) Unfortunately this issue is related to the aligning functionality of IntraWeb which is not always working as expected in the iOS browser.
I'll have to investigate if this behavior can be improved in a future version.
As a workaround, please use a solid color as background color or set HideAddressBar to False.