IPhoneList scrolling


IPhone controls V2.1.0.0, Delphi XE2, IW12.2.13.2.

Take an IPhoneRegion, add an IPhoneHeader and an IPhoneList. Add 20 items (Item0 to Item19) to the list. Everything is fine. I can scroll from Item0 down to Item19.

Now place an IWRegion inside the IPhoneRegion. Set its height to 250 and width to 300. Move the IPhoneList into the IWRegion and set its align property to alClient. The list is contained inside the region but it won't scroll all the way to the last item. It will only go down to Item15.

Is there something I can do to alter this behaviour?

Thank you,


Please note that the IWiPhoneList control always asumes it takes up the full available height.
Can you try to set the align property to alClient of the IWRegion that contains the IWiPhoneList?
If you do not want the IWRegion to take up the whole height, you can add an extra top or bottom aligned IWiPhoneRegion (placed like the IWiPhoneHeader).

Hi Bart,

Thanks for your suggestions. I have found this problem only occurs when the container region is on a frame. If it's on a form it's fine. Is it possible there could be a work-around for this?


Hi Tim,

I have not been able to reproduce an issue when the IWiPhoneList is used on a frame.
Can you please provide a ready to run sample project that demonstrates the issue so I can further investigate this?