TIWIPhoneScrollRegion Border

The TIWIPhoneScrollRegion.BorderOptions.BorderWidth property is being ignored.  Is that a known behavior?  It would be nice to have that option so other controls could be aligned inside that region.  If I do so now, the content fills the entire width of the region.


Yes the BorderWidth property is ignored by design.

Can you please explain how this is related to the aligning of controls inside the region?

Have you tried to put the TIWIPhoneScrollRegion inside an IWRegion and configure the borders on the IWRegion instead?

I want to use a TIWHTMLLabel to display some dynamic information because it will stretch itself to display the content.  When I tried it the content went edge-to-edge, ignoring the border.  I got the same results placing the label inside an TIWRegion, inside a TIWIPhoneScrollRegion .

I have not been able to reproduce this issue when the TIWHTMLLabel is placed inside the TIWRegion.
Can you please provide a ready to run sample project so I can further investigate this?

Before I waste your time, this is IW10 in Delphi 2010.  I have not upgraded to XII yet.  If IW10 is the issue, I can work around it for now.

I have not been able to reproduce this in IW10 so it's probably not related to the IW version you are using.

I did further exploration on this issue and have narrowed down the issue.  You are correct in the sense that if you use a label inside an IWRegion or IWiPhoneregion, aligned top, the margins of the region are respected.

I am having an issue when I update that label's caption in an asynchronous event.  The label is rendered, but the text does not wrap, and the border overwrites the text making it appear to be incompletly rendered.
Is there an asynch event I can use to force the region to repaint, as there is in the iPhone list control (AsyncRefresh)?

There is no specific async event available in the IWRegion or IWScrollRegion.

Have you tried using IWRegion.Invalidate?

I tried to update the label asynchronously, but have not been able to reproduce this issue.
Can you please provide a ready to run sample application that demonstrates the issue so I can further investigate this?

Where do I post the example?

Can you please send your example as a ZIP file without executable to mailto:info@tmssoftware.com ?

Further instructions for sending sample applications can be found at: http://www.tmssoftware.com/site/support.asp