Iphone Scrolling Region Example

Any good sample projects with the IPhone Scrolling region.  Can't get it to work as I might expect it to.

I'm assuming that if I have controls inside of a scrolling region and that they are are larger than the space (height) that I will be able to scroll up/down, but no scrolling functionality is enabled when I run it so controls at the bottom are clipped.

Do you attempt to click & drag as scrolling only happens (like in iPhone apps) upon click & drag.

Yes, that's what I did.

I have a region with controls on the top and a WebGrid on the bottom.  I can click on a control at the top and change the contents of the grid, but the grid grows but his clipped (by a iPhone Menu) and I can't get it to scroll up to see.

This is latest version 11 of Intraweb running on D7.

Did you try to set IWRegion.ClipRegion = false?