Time Values - X-Axis Labels

I have tried every configuration possible but am unable to get the labels to work correctly in the TDBAdvChartView.

My data samples, for example are:
       43 17:27:41 
       42 17:27:53 
       42 17:29:48 
       39 17:30:05 
       39 17:30:34 
       39 17:30:45 

So the line should plot from 43 to 42 to 42 (etc) and the X-Axis labels should reflect the 2nd column.
Again, I have looked at the manual, downloaded the XYTime sample and still can't get it to work....


Did you try:


I had this issue too.

Adding a label on each point does work but in my case I have too much data (around a 1,000,000 points!) and my program runs out of memory if each point has a string label as well. I had to resort ot using the OnXAxisDrawValue event which is tricky as you have to take into account the overlaps due to the zoom level.

Will is be possible, in a future version, for the automatic labeling to use the actual point times? I assumed that was what it was there for but I'm assuming it's a problem when your times aren't in consequecutive days, hours, mins etc.