Drawing on adwchartview datetime related values

Hi all
I have troubles to understand how to draw the following situation.
I want to draw a chart with
I have the following data. (all are time related)

time 01.01.2024 00:00:00 value 5
time 01.01.2024 00:00:30 value 5.4
time 01.01.2024 00:00:45 value 5.1
time 01.01.2024 00:01:30 value 6
time 01.01.2024 00:05:00 value 8.4

As you can see all the data are time related but there is no regular relation on a time that data arrives, however this must be shown in the drawing as "gaps".

Can the adwchartview arrange this or I have to do this manually? I mean if the data arrive asynchronous I have to clear the serie and put them again?

Can you help me with some example or some advice. And please no random data because is meaningless.
Tks alot

Perhaps you can take a look at these examples:

Tks for the info.
However if I understand it correctly only some of the chart types are supporting the datetime while others are bind to the range.
For example I wasn't been able to draw a candlestick chart on the same approach.
What I need is to draw on the same chart pane multiple candlestick and another serie a vertical line that is moving from the position 1 till the end.
By moving i mean I draw a vertical line on position 1, I make some computation and after that the line is moving to the next position. I clear the points of the vertical line and recreate the points for position 2.

I need to create a visual simulation for some existing data. candlestick
The data are retrieved from a database and some intervals cand miss.
The vertical line is for the user to acknowledge where the simulation is doing.

Question 1.
Can i draw candlestick range timestamp related?
Question 2.
On the same pane can I draw a serie (vertical line) timestamp related?
Question 3.
The cast AddSinglePoint(Random(100), TDateTime(d)); is mandatory or a habit?

by timestamp related i mean to be able to add gaps in the x axis.

Only the ctXYLine & ctXYMarker versions support real date-time in TMS VCL Chart. The other types can put date-time related x-axis labels but they are equally distributed. If you want full XY support you should take a look at TMS FNC Chart (TMS FNC Chart Delphi chart components: create financial, statistical or logaritmic, bar, line, ohlc and pie charts)

  1. candlestick cannot be drawn with timestamps unless they are equally distributed
  2. ctXYLine is supported
  3. There are some overloads that accepts Double & TDateTime and this is to make sure the compiler knows which overload to take.