Weird scrolling behavior

When scrolling a grid, it behave weird by flipping back and forth.

Example video:

have retested this with our latest version but we could not see such problem

Could you please provide (mailto:
some sample source project with which we can reproduce this here?

I have retested your sample project but I cannot see a problem with horizontal scrolling with your project. Are you really using the latest version of the component? What operating system, what Delphi version are you using?

How come... I am using Delphi XE6, latest components, Windows 10 Professional 64 bit. The grid shows version

It works properly when setting ScrollType to ssMetro, but I cant use that, its way too narrow to grab :)

I think the effect you see is related to the fact that the grid performs column based scrolling. I.e. the scrolling is per column. As such, the nr. of scroll positions is limited to the nr. of columns and when you track the scrollbar, it can snap back to the position of the column scroll.

No, thats not the thing what happen. When I slowly scroll to the right, column #3 for example moves to the left, column #2 is then invisible, moments later, all moves back to the right. Thats definitely wrong. I provided a link to a video, which clearly shows that wrong behavior.

I have been further trying to reproduce and with this extra information could see something. It is also related to the snap to column. We'll investigate if we can improve this behavior.