THTMLabel issues

Please look at the attached small demo project with THTMLabel: (1.2 KB)


  • Vertical Alignment tvaCenter is not working.

  • Bottom Padding is not working.

I suppose this is due to Autosizing?

Can you please fix these bugs?

(Word-Wrap is working well)

We applied improvements that will be included in the next update.

Thank you very much. Your support is amazing!
I am looking forward to the next update.

THTMLabel Padding in TMS VCL UI Pack is still not working as intended:


It should be 8 on Top and 8 on Bottom:


...when AutoSize = asVertical:


...and VAlignment = tvaCenter:



Left has padding Top/Bottom = 8, total vert. autosized height is 48

Right has padding Top/Bottom = 0, total vert. autosized height is 32

The difference is correct, i.e. 8 top pixels + 8 bottom pixels