TDBAdvListView - Missing subitems

Dear Bruno,

there is a problem in the TDBAdvListView. If I set the datasource in the objectinspector of the DBlistview then lv gives me exceptions in UpdateCell because there are no subitems added.
procedure TDBAdvListView.UpdateCell
        if j = 0 then
          lis.Caption := Trim(Fields[FieldIdx].DisplayText)
----->    lis.SubItems[j-1] := Trim(Fields[FieldIdx].DisplayText);
When I set lv.datasource := ds; in the OnShow-Event there is no problem because SetDatasource add the SubItems to the Listitems.
Do I something wrong or is it a (old)bug?


Are you using the latest version of the component (TMS Component Pack v7.7.4.0) as I retested this here but was unable to see a problem. Design-time datasource assignment worked, runtime assignment from FormCreate worked...

Not the latest version. (Version 7.7.*)
AdvListview-Version is;
DBAdvListView-Version is 1.6.
Next time I am going to download your newest version.
But I replaced DBAdvListView by DBGrid because there some more problems with the list-refreshing after deleting or inserting a record into DB....(okay, download newest)