AdvListView Bug ?


I've a problem with the TAdvListView. When I try to create a Form (with Delphi 2010) I've the message :like this
Read error  with MyListView.items.ItemData. Read stream error.
I use the ListView with no advanced feature !
What can I do, and what I've have do wrong ?
Thanks ;)

How can we reproduce this ? 
We could not see this problem here on a form with a new TAdvListView nor on a form with a TAdvListView that contains data. Test project can be download here

The problem is that I don't know how I can reproduce this. Sometime, it's work good !

The test project work good !
In my project I have differents Form with AvdListtView, When It doesn't work, it's not the same Form every time that crash. It's very strange !
Can be a memory problem ?

Any exact steps for allowing us to reproduce this?

i have this problem too, even with the samples. It doesn't happen always, but it happens.
I am not sure how to reproduce it or what the reason is, but it is there.

Michael Bickel

If you have any exact steps, please inform so we can investigate this.

I also always get this error message, it seems this is bug from Delphi. Actually, I got this error message when use
another component from Raize Component. My solution is, provide the inialization data at design time, so when the
form is loaded, it can worked properly.

So, I think this condition caused by Delphi not by the component.

If my investigation is not true or any missing, please correct me.


Eko Indriyawan