AdvDBListBox not showing items at runtime

In a Form I set a FDConnection, a FDQuery and a DataSource.

Then I dop a AdvDBListBox and set the dataSource and DataField properties and the items show in the control.
However, at runtime, the control is empty...
Am I missing something?
Best Regards
Francisco Alvarado

I  could not reproduce a problem here.
Do you use the latest version of the component? (

Thank you Bruno.

I installed version and it's working now.
Another question:
How can I get the item text when a user clicks o double clicks on it?
Best Regards
Francisco Alvarado
You should be able to do this with:


That returns an empty string
but this works:

If an item is selected and then you click on another, the second is not selected, but the first is unselected. You need to click again on the second item to get it selected. Is this behavior as expexted?
Best Regards
Francisco Alvarado 

Thanks for reporting.
We traced & solved this issue. The next update will address this.