sectionlist after upgrade to 6.9.2

After upgrade to 6.9.2, the subitems in all items of sectionlist has dissapeared!! (Delphi 7 and Delphi XE2)

I use it to show to the users the changes in each release of my programs... all dissapear!! deleted!! 

How can we reproduce this?

Was retested with:

and all subitems appeared.

I simply open my form. I have items created and persistents in the dfm.

That is, a form, with sectionlist, items created in design time. I have lost the subitems. 
Works in release of slstbox.pas, lost the subitems of expanded sections after upgrade, release of slstbox.pas.

Again, subitems created in design time, lost after upgrade and open the form (I repeat because I'm spanish, and I suppose that I'm explaining it in an understandable languaje... :) 

Yes, I test:

Recover stdlstbox.pas from my backups, rebuild the packages, install it. So I have Tms pack with the old sectionlist control, open the form and bingo! I have the subitems.

So, I don't lost it, the subitems of expanded sections are in the dfm, but when open the form with stdlstbox.pas, it simply don't load.
Thanks again.