TDBAdvGrid cell font scale problem when in a Frame

When populating a TDBAdvGrid that is in a Frame, the font does not scale properly at Windows Display Scaling > 100%. If the Grid is populated in a normal form, it is fine. It is also fine if the frame's grid references the main form's dataset at design time, but not if the frame uses it's own dataset and populated at runtime. I can provide an example if needed.

Windows Display Scaling at 150%, each grid uses it own dataset, both grids are in the same application.

Grid on the main form:

Grid on a frame:

Delphi 10.4.2

P.S. this is a recently introduced issue. Either a recent VCL UI Pack update or my move to 10.4.2 from 10.4.1. I know there were other Frame issues introduced with 10.4.2.

I traced it down to my last VCL UI Pack update to which introduced this problem. I believe my previous install was based on the dropdown list of downloaded versions in the subscription manager.

I backed back down to and the problem went away.

I retested this here and I cannot reproduce this here with the latest version.

Installed the latest update released today, and still fails. I sent you a demo.