TAdvFileNameEdit scaling issue with LabelCaption

The LabelCaption property of a TAdvFileNameEdit scales badly. At 100% it looks fine of course, but at 175% it is huge. The control is in a TGroupBox which is in a Frame should that make any difference. LabelFont at design time is Segoe UI 8pt.

Delphi 10.4.2

I retested this here. You see the groupbox, you see the frame.
LabelFont was set to Courier New to make it clearly visible and TLabel font was set to the same for comparison and it was tested at 175% DPI

What version of Delphi did you test with? It doesn't appear in a compiled version I built with 10.4.1 but upgrading to 10.4.2 now shows a bad font scaling. In upgrading to 10.4.2, I had also updated to the latest TMS VCL UI controls.

I just tried creating a demo, and it doesn't exhibit the issue readily. I'll look more into it and get you a demo if I can.

My initial demo test did not use a frame, but I then built one with a frame and it reproduces the issue, but you must use Delphi 10.4.2. I know Embarcadero had other frame related issues in 10.4.1, so I suspect they broke something. I've uploaded a demo.

And to be sure we are on the same page, it is the Windows Display Scaling ("Scale and Layout" settings) I refer to when I say 175% scaling.

It appears they broke something. Will be a challenge to come up with a fix that will work across different Delphi versions....

No problem. I replaced use of the LabelCaption with the standard TLabel. Had to do about a dozen of them, but solves the problem.

That is not the only issue with frames Embarcadero broke in 10.4.2. Some standard controls like TLabel and TEdit do not position properly at Windows display scaling > 100% if they use the bottom anchor property in a frame. TButton and your TAdvFileNameEdit position correctly, so kudos on your part there :smile: