Large Font DPI issue with

An application created via the TMS Office 2010 ribbon application wizard
has been running for a number of years. Some users of this application
have been using large fonts (windows 10 - settings 125%) - and the
application was us-able.

with the  updated my component pack.
the application re-compiled and deployed on those PCs with the 'large font'
environment report an un-usable application.
Reports as " font/size/scaling issue" (other applications that were ok with large
fonts continued to be ok with large fonts -as not video driver updates etc had taken place.)

Going back to display settings of '100%' made it ok again.
**Did something change in'

Thanks in advance

Some more information- the new issue is on the TAdvGrid - TAdvDBGrid
-seems the fonts do not scale as well as they did before

Also some more information:
-on one laptop seems ok but on two desktop PC - the issue occurs. FONTS are too large and the text is larger than the row size.  - all pcs are Window 10.  Video driver?
This was OK in previous TAdvGrid TAdvDBGrid
Please advise

It's unclear what might be causing this. 

Did you test with / compare with our Office2010 demo app? Our demo app works fine here in various DPI modes. Can you tell what's different in your app from our demo?
Are you doing any specific custom font setting and if so, do you take scaling for this in account?

 as per my subsequent posts - issue seems to be with the advgrids, not the Office2010 environment.
My app uses Office2010 TMS tools, but those elements scale correctly.  My original post was before I saw the problem myself on the problem computers. Ironically on my laptop the grid fonts look just fine but on the two PCs where the users chose 125% increase size the grid fonts expand to be larger than the grid row. I can get a screen shot if you wish.

Ok, does this concern TAdvStringGrid, TAdvColumnGrid, TDBAdvGrid, TAdvSpreadGrid? And how exactly do you control fonts in these grids? Do you use the general font property? Column fonts? Event to set font? Other like grid.FontSizes[] ?

Answer your questions:
I see the issue on TDBADVGrid and TADVStringGrid.
Fonts are not controlled or modified at all. - No changes to properties. No event fired.
1. seems also video card related. PCs with AMD Radeon are ok
  -PCs with built in Intel graphics have the issue. 1 PC with an NVIDIA quadro has the issue
TDBGrid DOES NOT HAVE the issue
I can have the application with the older TDBADVGrid on the same pc with the new application
and the rows look - behave different.
I have screen shots
Thank you

Another observation and note:
-the dbadvgrid that are in Frames have the issue.  I cannot say conclusively about this
but if I have a dbadvgrid on the main form and then copy the same dbadvgrid to a frame
the 2nd grid in the FRAME looks different.
BUT only on the intel video --- AMD RADEON -dbadvgrid is ok in either 100 or 125% display setting...
-does that help?

This is the first time I hear the video driver would have an impact. Did you verify if the video drivers are up-to-date and if not, if it helps to install a video driver update?

=I just updated the Intel Video drivers on one of the PCs with this issue. It made no difference.
PLEASE NOTE that it is also related to putting in a DBADVGrid in a TFRAME

Hope this helps
I can send you an example application for this but it is 100% the same as my applicaiton

-An update on 'MY UPDATE' - video driver update did seem to fix the issue on the application...
I updated the INTEL video driver but it did not prompt me to logout-relogin or reboot.  Updating the
video driver by itself and then restarting the application -still the SAME issue on font scaling.
AFTER I signed out and signed back in - the issue has gone AWAY. OK NOW.

I will test on other pcs with same issue.
regards and thanks

This is issue is not completely resolved.It is ok on some PCs, not ok on others, even if Windows reports 'latest video driver installed'.  It is video driver related when the dbadvgrid is used in a TFrame,  'standard' Delphi DBGrid does NOT have this issue. 

I cannot see a reason for this. Our TDBAdvGrid uses regular VCL GDI based drawing code.
Can this be reproduced with any of our TDBAdvGrid demo apps?

Hi all,

I exactly have the same problem!!
I use the TAdbDBGrid inside a frame and the font of the cells is to large.
I don't have modified the font defaults.

The problem isn't at design time only later if the application is started.
My resolution is 3840x2160 with a scale of 150%.
Graphic card NVIDIA GForce GTX 1050 Ti.

I have tested it with TMS VCL UI version
Version of the TAdbDBGrid:


Hi again,

one update:

The problem now only occurs with Delphi 10.3.2 but not with Delphi 11.


We applied an improvement for older Delphi versions. It will be included in the next update.