TDBAdvEditBtn and modified

when TDBAdvEditBtn is linked to a numeric( money) field, modified property not fire... Its true ?
when linked to string field go fine...

I have retested this here and I could not reproduce this.
Please isolate this and send a sample source project + detailed steps with which we can reproduce this.

bruno try to insert only one char : example : go in input with mouse and digit 2. If you digit more than one number go fine. Note : edit linked to numeric field !

I'm sorry but I cannot reproduce this.
Please send a self-contained sample source app + details with which we can reproduce this here. (5.8 KB)

Try this sample :
When form show move with tab to 2 edit and digit 7 (for ex) and see edit not will became red ... if digit another yes !! I think there is an issue of combination of EditType and EditAlign (right)


Thanks for reporting.
We traced & solved this issue.
The next update will address this.