TDBAdvEdit text value, if etPassword


I try use TDBAdvEdit to a password store.
I type the new text for password, but

If EditType=etPassword, the changed password dont save. The value is stay old (DBAdvEdit.text, IBDateset.FieldByName(field).value, value in table). In the DBAdvEdit.Exit event the value is OK, but if leave the control, the value is revert to the old value
if EditType=etString, all OK. The password changed.

If i set the EditType property in other DBAdvEdit to etPassword, these controls works good too. Only the one control works fals. I delete the control, and make a new. Not work. I delete the IBDateset field, and make new. Not work.

I see all property of DBAdvEdit and the IBDateset, but  the all are same to other controls, which controls works good.

Where is the magic ?

Thanks, sorry my bad english

Delphi 7
TMS Comp. Pac
Firebird 2.0.6

Hmmm, the problem were repaired. Auto. I don't change anything.

OK. Thanks for everybody. :-)


The problem was focused.


I type for example "123"
Then i back (with shift+tab) to  this  control, and type 1 character for example "1".
The value of DBAdvEdit is not changed. The number of password stars was stayed 1.

If i type not 1 character, but 2-... fox example "23", the value (123) changed to "23".

Its works bad only for etPassword and type 1 character.
If Edittype=etString, everything ok.
If i type more then 1 character, everything ok.
If i delete the value with del key, and then type something, everything ok.
If i click into the control, and type, everything ok.

The problem possible reproduce: onyle put a DBAdvEdit to a form, and set EdtiType.

We have traced & solved this problem. Next update of TDBAdvEdit will address this.