AdvEdit - thousands separator for EditType = etFloat doesn't work

The documentation says that there is a thousands separator available for EditType = etFloat. Unfortunately it doesn't work. Is the bug in the component or in the documentation?

I use TMS VCL UI Pack v12.1.0.1

Thousand separator is available for the etMoney edit type.

Thank you Bruno for your quick reply.

Can you help me solve the following problem? I don't know what I'm doing wrong.

I would like AdvEdit to be able to enter a number with only 7 integer digits and 4 decimal digits (a number between 0.0000 and 9 999 999.9999).
If I set:
AdvEdit->EditType = etFloat
AdvEdit->LengthLimit = 8 (integer length + ',' sign)
AdvEdit->Precision = 4
AdvEdit->PrecisionDisplay = pdShortest
everything works fine, but as you wrote, there is no thousands separator for EditType = etFloat (which is what I really care about)

If I set:
AdvEdit->EditType = etMoney
AdvEdit->AutoThousandSeparator = true
AdvEdit->LengthLimit = 10 (integer length + thousands separators)
AdvEdit->Precision = 4
AdvEdit->PrecisionDisplay = pdShortest
then you can type '1 234 567,' or '12 345 678' and you can't type a decimal

'LengthLimit' property works differently for EditType = etFloat and EditType = etMoney

2. ZGL

We could see this issue and we've applied a fix.
Next release will address this issue. Release is scheduled for next week.

Thank you Bruno, as usual you solve the problem quickly and efficiently.