TAdvEdit versus PasswordChar

I'm using TAdvEdit v2.9.2.1 and found a possible bug. The property 'PasswordChar' doesn't handle '*'. The TAdvEdit still shows the full password instead of dots. Is this bug solved? I can't find anything about this. 

We have retested this with our latest version but we could not see such problem here.

Can you first download the latest version and check if the problem persists. If the problem persists, could you please provide some sample source app with which we can reproduce the problem here.

I have the same problem with TAdvEdit and TAdvEditBtn 1.3.3..
I create a VCL application, put the control on the form and change the PasswordChar property to ''.
The control shows the input.

BUT, It is working if you set any other value than '
Funny, but strange.

Please set EditType = etPassword

Yes, this works! Thank you for your support. :)

It does not work correctly on TAdvEditBtn. The integrated button is erased when I input a value.

We could reproduce this but have not yet been able to find a solution. It appears that the Windows API call to affect the editor rectangle doesn't work the same way (or doesn't work at all) for a password edit than for a normal edit. We're investigating this further.