TDBAdvEdit sometimes losing copy & pasted text on Post

I have a problem with TDBAdvEdit that only happens in one situation - pasting text copied from another row in the same query into a newly inserted row.

The TDBAdvEdit control is bound to a TFDQuery with CachedUpdates=True

It seems that when I paste into the TDBAdvEdit, procedure TDBAdvEdit.Change isn't run & thus FDataLink.FModified remains = False

This is how I make the problem happen:
insert a new row
navigate to another row
copy data from a TDBAdvEdit
navigate back to new row
paste copied data into a TDBAdvEdit

In all other situations I tried TDBAdvEdit.Change does get run when I paste into the control.

The problem becomes apparent when I call post on the underlying TFDQuery & the TDBAdvEdit loses it's value.

procedure TDBAdvEdit.CMExit calls procedure TFieldDataLink.UpdateData
which does nothing because FModified = False

I can see the problem happening by putting a breakpoint inside CMExit and chaning focus away from the control.

Is this a bug or a problem unique to my project?

So far, I could not reproduce this.
Is this with the latest TMS VCL UI Pack?
Can any of our demos be modified and be used to reproduce it with these steps? Or can you send a sample source project to allow us to reproduce this?

The problem happens with the latest version & at least a few versions prior to that.

I'll strip down my problem program to a single form & datamodule and send it to you by email

Hi Bruno,
It's been a couple of weeks since I emailed you a test case.
Is there an update?

I cannot see an email that arrived here related to this.
Can you send the test project + steps to reproduce by email (and make sure there are no executables in attachment as these could block email delivery).