TDBRichEditor problem w. pasted text after persist

Hello TMS team,

first of all thank you for implementing OnPastText and property ClipboardFormats,
which fits perfectly to my question on Oct, 21th!

Now want to use it with a TDBRichEditor.
Normal text writing, persist and retrieve it is no problem.
But if I paste plain Text into the editor, the caret ist getting white.
This is still true, if I restart the program and fetch the text from db.
This behavior is reproducable and it doesn't matter if the
editor is empty before pasting or if there is already text in it.
If there is text in it, there is no dependency at which position
the text was pasted.

I have isolated the problem in my application (VCL) in a small
prog: placed the DBRichEditor on the from and attached it
to a FireDAC TFDQuery/TDataSource.
Because I want to reduce text formatting to Arial, regular, 8pt.
I implement a OnPasteText like this:

procedure TMainForm.rePasteText(Sender: TObject;
  var AText: string; var Allow: Boolean);
      theEdit : TDBAdvRichEditor;
   if ( Sender.ClassType = TDBAdvRichEditor )  then
      theEdit := Sender AS TDBAdvRichEditor;
      theEdit.Font.Name  := 'Arial';
      theEdit.Font.Color := clBlack;
      theEdit.Font.Size  := 8;
      theEdit.Font.Style := [];

My Config is as follows: XE5, newest TMS Component pack, FireDAC,
MySQL 5.5 "far server"; the field type for storing is MEDIUMBLOB.

Maybe I'm the usage of OnPasteText is wrong ..
Do you have any hints, what I can do to solve the problem?

I have retested this here with a TDBAdvRichEditor on the form with default settings and the OnPasteText event handler attached as in your sample, but I could not see the caret color change to white. It remains black here. Are there any specific non default settings for the TDBAdvRichEditor control you have used?

Hello Bruno!
No, it has default settings only.
But assignment of properties DataSource and DataField is done after successfull
connection to db.
The RichEditor is used in combination with a TAdvRichEditorFormatToolBar.

I will try to reduce my code to a minum, test again and report.

Hello Bruno,
I've sended my test code via direct support. Only pas/dfm, project file and database definition is
Thank you for support!

We looked at the project and replied to your email.

Dear TMS team,

thank you for solving this issue!
All works fine now!