HTML Copy/Paste color issue with TAdvRichEditor

TAdvRichEditor ( with TAdvRichEditorMiniHTMLIO. If I copy a line of text (Ctrl+C) that is white on black and paste it (Ctrl+V) elsewhere in the editor, the pasted text is now black on black instead of black on white. If I copy some orange text on white and paste it, it is now orange on black.

I could not reproduce this so far.
For clipboard behavior, the TAdvRichEditorMiniHTMLIO should not affect this.
Do you have more details how exactly to reproduce this?

I've emailed support a demo program. A simple test does not fail, so there is something in the included html file that will be loaded when clicking the [Load Editor] button. It is HTML that was added to from a simple example which did not fail, so it is HTML updated from your editor, not taken from anywhere else.

It demonstrates two issues:

  1. the copy/paste of text where the font background of the pasted text is black.
  2. The image to the right of text was actually supposed to be to the left of the text (view the HTML in an text editor). If you were to save the editor data, you will see that it has been moved in the saved HTML as well. (I thought I posted this issue but could not find it with a quick view of my posted issues)

I think there are other issues with the editor and will get back to you on it when I get with the customer who had a lot of issues, or so he says. Could be user error. :slight_smile:

We have not received a demo in the past 2 days.
If this refers to an older demo, it is our policy to delete these when cases are closed. (GDPR)
This is issue only manifests itself in a particular project, please send it with every support request.

It was emailed to (per the "email support with attachment" on your webpage) yesterday just before I posted. I will forward again but to support.

We received it now.

The update seems to fix the issues I had but only after I edited it and reloaded the updated HTML. However, when attempting to load some HTML from an actual email sent to me (not created from your editor) I get an access violation loop. Below is the stack trace of the first one if that is of any help. Probably nothing I'll ever run into in normal practice, but just wanted to see how the editor handled various HTML data. I can send you the full EurekaLog stack trace if you need it along with the HTML, but here is an excerpt of the stack trace:

Access violation at address 0040B19C in module 'WhisperReporter.exe'. Read of address FFFFFFD0.

[0040B19C] System.TObject.InheritsFrom (Line 18726, "System.pas")
[0040B082] System._IsClass (Line 18429, "System.pas")
[01F3AB42] AdvRichEditorBase.TAdvRichEditorBase.NearbyTextElement (Line 8993, "AdvRichEditorBase.pas")
[01F33578] AdvRichEditorBase.TAdvRichEditorBase.InsertChar (Line 6477, "AdvRichEditorBase.pas")
[0040DD5C] System._UStrFromWChar (Line 30552, "System.pas")

Can you send this HTML file so we can reproduce & investigate?