TColumnComboBox no change event on keyboard up/down when dropped down items list

Hi, I use TColumnComboBox version
The OnChange event is not emitted when the user drop down items, move selection with keyboard up/down keys and select item by pressing Enter

When use mouse click, or combo items not dropped down - all ok, onChange fired

Bug only when list opened and keyboard used.

Can you please first check with the latest version v1.7.2.1?

I have a very heavy project, 1100+ forms. The migration from TMS 12.2 to 13.x requires many different checks and tests. I'll check the latest version, but it's not that easy :frowning:

I'll try to get ColCombo.pas from the latest distribution and check it only one

I migrate to latest VCL UI and test latest ColCombo.
All working fine, event fired!