Problem with TAdvDBLookupComboBox

Hello, in a TAdvDBLookupComboBox component, when EditorEnabled = true and ReturnisTab = True, pressing enter have no effect. Is it an error or has the component changed?

It works. You can open it's Demo and set ReturnIsTab to True, and see it working.
Is your control part of another special control, such as a FormControlEditLink ? In this case, you should set FormControlEditLink.WantReturn := True.

Sorry, the problem is when the property EditorEnabled = false and ReturnisTab = true. If editorenabled=true works correctly. In the demo project it also fails.

That's right.

Meanwhile, you could add VK_RETURN to the list of keys near line 4293 of AdvDBLookupComboBox.pas (procedure TAdvDBLookupComboBox.KeyDown).

Thanks for your solution but I prefer to wait for the bug to be fixed so I don't have to touch code.

We applied an improvement for this that will be included in the next update.