ColCombo enhancements

I've made a couple of enhancements to colcombo that you might want to consider for future versions.

  1. Showlookup, when edit field is -1 showlookup now shows lookup text as underline in lookup column
  2. Showlookup now showing proper case compared to data in lookup column
  3. Added lookupdelay timer to prevent onchange event handler from firing until no keypress for x miliseconds so lookups can complete before onchange events that may be database or process intensive fire.
  4. Clearing FLookup onchange
  5. Add onchange on enterkey press on lookup

I've attached the source here. I'm not an VCL control expert so you may find more optimal ways to handle codewise.
colcombo.pas (66.3 KB)

Thanks for these enhancement suggestions. We'll investigate & sync where possible.

We can confirm these will be integrated in the next release. In addition we added properties to control display of Lookup in the edit part (LookupUnderline, LookupBkColor, LookupTextColor)

Thank you Bruno,

Can't wait to see updates.

Hi Bruno, Just installed the latest version and its great to see the new functionality for ColumnCombo. I did have 1 issue with the LookupBKColor and LookupTextColor and I'm not sure if it is a Delphi 11 issue or not. When setting the LookupBkColor or LookupTextColor to clNone in the IDE for the column controls when saving the form the reference to LookupBkColor and LookupTextColor is removed from the DFM file. The assumption is that since the default for these properties are clNone the IDE is removing them on save. With these properties removed and on compile the code is setting the values of these properties to 0 instead of clNone (which is $1FFFFFFF). This was making both the text and background colors black.

I put the following in the TColumnComboBox.Create function

LookupBkColor := clNone;
LookupTextColor := clNone;

which fixed the issue.

Thanks for reporting. We applied this improvement. It will be included in the next update.