TAureliusDataset not available for 64bit VCL App

I cannot drop a TAureliusDataset on a VCL Datamodule when it's set to 64 Bit.

I can set the target platform to Windows 32 Bit, add the component and then switch to 64 Bit and it's quite happy. Just seems a long way to go about it.

I cannot reproduce it. All Aurelius components can be dropped in forms or data modules in a Win64 application. Maybe you can please try to reinstall the components?

I have reinstalled but still have this problem. Hovering over the TAurelius stuff just shows 32 bit supported


I don't know what to say, I can't reproduce it. But one interesting thing I noticed, here is the screenshot in one of my development machines:


Note that it lists only Windows and Linux. Those are the only platforms I have installed in Delphi in this machine, even though Aurelius supports all platforms.

So my guess is that your Delphi Win64 support is simply not properly installed. I suggest running some reinstall/repair procedures to make sure Win64 platform is properly installed in your Delphi.

I'll try that.