XData iOS64 install error (?)

I just integrate a new target platform in my project as iOS 64 app
Target is added to Win64 and Android64 list
But unfortunately, it appears there is an error in path or build of package : xdata.json.converters is not found
Build of projects targeting iOS 64 works fine but not the one using xData.
I uninstall and re install all TMS package to force rebuild of everything to be sure about my IDE context.
I guess it's linked to install of package and source for this platform.
Please can you check if it's the cause or have I to investigate in my own dev environement ?


To help to check
here my IDE Delphi config for iOS 64
Path for file
My Library list

My DCU Debug List

What it's strange is that my path for Sparkle DCU as example is on my PC
C:\Users\admin\Documents\tmssoftware\TMS Sparkle\packages\d11\iOSDevice64\Debug
C:\Users\admin\Documents\tmssoftware\TMS Sparkle\packages\d11.\iOSDevice64\Debug

Well, I can see that your configuration are including paths that should not be there, like ...\aurelius\source\core. So it looks like you have been tweaking it manually.

I'd suggest you uninstall the products, then manually remove and reference to any TMS Business products in any of those path configuration. Also, remove any file in your disk relating to TMS Business products - installation left overs, dcp files and bpl files. Then reinstall again.

Thanks Wagner
I uninstall all TMS components, clean path for all platforms then reinstall all components and it works fine.

Currently I tried to compile for Mac OS X ARM 64, but it seems TMS components doesn't support this platform yet through installers. But it isn't the target for my project.

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