TAureliusDataset "Load field definition" exception


I'm getting EInvalidPointer exception after validating the TAureliusDataset "Load field definition" dialog box.

I'm using the latest Delphi RIO + Aurelius version

Here is a call stack

date/time          : 2019-03-09, 11:41:04, 5ms
computer name      : -----
user name          : -----
registered owner   :------
operating system   : Windows 10 x64 build 17763
system language    : English
system up time     : 1 hour 57 minutes
program up time    : 47 seconds
processors         : 4x Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-8650U CPU @ 1.90GHz
physical memory    : 2698/6143 MB (free/total)
free disk space    : (C:) 12,31 GB
display mode       : 1920x1080, 32 bit
process id         : $d1c
allocated memory   : 340,85 MB
largest free block : 1,98 GB
command line       : "C:\Program Files (x86)\Embarcadero\Studio\20.0\bin\bds.exe" -pDelphi
executable         : bds.exe
current module     : madExcept_.bpl
exec. date/time    : 2019-02-04 15:55
version            : 26.0.33219.4899
compiled with      : Delphi 10.3 Rio
madExcept version  : 5.0.0
callstack crc      : $cc11aee6, $91e5296b, $e7ad32b4
exception number   : 1
exception class    : EInvalidPointer
exception message  : Invalid pointer operation.

main thread ($22d0):
5005f7f5 +011 rtl260.bpl         System       17404  +3 TObject.FreeInstance
5005f8e8 +008 rtl260.bpl         System       17466  +1 TObject.Free
51110f2b +02b vclx260.bpl        Vcl.CheckLst   248  +3 TCheckListBox.Destroy
50d06eee +0d6 vcl260.bpl         Vcl.Controls  8600 +25 TWinControl.Destroy
50d6b0b0 +038 vcl260.bpl         Vcl.ComCtrls  6235  +6 TTabSheet.Destroy
50d06eee +0d6 vcl260.bpl         Vcl.Controls  8600 +25 TWinControl.Destroy
50d6a021 +085 vcl260.bpl         Vcl.ComCtrls  5687  +5 TCustomTabControl.Destroy
50d6b750 +048 vcl260.bpl         Vcl.ComCtrls  6469  +3 TPageControl.Destroy
50d06eee +0d6 vcl260.bpl         Vcl.Controls  8600 +25 TWinControl.Destroy
50e52437 +04b vcl260.bpl         Vcl.Forms     3122  +3 TScrollingWinControl.Destroy
50e537d0 +11c vcl260.bpl         Vcl.Forms     3808 +32 TCustomForm.Destroy
23e0aaee +02e dclaurelius260.bpl Aurelius               Design.Datasetdesigner.TfmFieldLoader.Destroy
5005f8e8 +008 rtl260.bpl         System       17466  +1 TObject.Free
23e0ac3b +057 dclaurelius260.bpl Aurelius               Design.Datasetdesigner.TfmFieldLoader.Execute
23e0db13 +033 dclaurelius260.bpl Aurelius               Design.Dataseteditor.TAureliusDataSetEditor.ExecuteVerb
5283f00a +04e vcldesigner260.bpl VCLSurface    2918  +3 TVclDesignSurface.ComponentVerb
50e41dba +0aa vcl260.bpl         Vcl.Menus     2561 +19 TMenuItem.Click
50e434e3 +013 vcl260.bpl         Vcl.Menus     3505  +5 TMenu.DispatchCommand
50e4476e +082 vcl260.bpl         Vcl.Menus     4678  +4 TPopupList.WndProc
50e446bd +01d vcl260.bpl         Vcl.Menus     4653  +2 TPopupList.MainWndProc
753161ab +00b user32.dll                                DispatchMessageW
50e5e877 +0f3 vcl260.bpl         Vcl.Forms    10724 +23 TApplication.ProcessMessage
50e5e8ba +00a vcl260.bpl         Vcl.Forms    10754  +1 TApplication.HandleMessage
50e5ebed +0c9 vcl260.bpl         Vcl.Forms    10892 +26 TApplication.Run
00518002 +06a bds.exe            bds            214  +7 initialization
754a0177 +017 KERNEL32.DLL                              BaseThreadInitThunk


Do you have steps to reproduce the problem? 

Hi Landgraf

Create new  Windows VCL application
Add TAureliusDataset on form
Left click on TAureliusDataset and select "load field defenitions..."
On the new dialog, select the Package tab
Click on the + button and select the package
Click OK

Actually : Invalid pointer operation
Exp: no errors

Project sent to support.

I've also noticed that TMS Datamodeler doesn't save my Aurelius unit anymore.

Is there something wrong with the .dgp file ?

Any news?

Can you please describe in details what do you mean by this? Do you get an error message?
Sorry it was my mistake (should double check prior opening tickets ;) )
Aurelius path was set in another folder...

TMS Data modeler is working fine.

Unfortunately we could not reproduce the issue. Do you have 3rd party plugins installed in your IDE? Can you temporarily remove them, restart the IDE and see if the problem persists?

What is the exact Delphi version you use, as stated in the About dialog box?

Delphi version : 26.0.33219.4899

I guess it happens because of IDE Fixpack expert !
Removing it solves the problem

Thank you for letting us (and other customers) know.

For those interested you can follow the thread here

I am experiencing the same problem.  The error message I get says:

"Can't load package xxx.bpl.  The specified module cannot be found."

FYI, I recently installed TMSFNCUIPackXE12, InfoPower4k and FirstClass4k.

I found the problem for my installation.  My package project included several units unrelated to the model classes.  I removed them, recompile and then was able to add the package to the loader.  Apparently, the other files required one or more modules which the loader could not find.

FYI, the error message could have been more helpful.  It should have named the module it could not find.  Due to the lack of information, I assumed it was the module I was trying to load.

The error message is not provided by Aurelius, but Delphi.