Install Issue (64x)


i am using Rad Studio 10.2.3 (Tokio) and IntraWeb 15.0.18 .

But the components ( TMS IntraWeb Component Studio ) seems only available for x86 ?

Can you instruct me here howto get the components for 64 bit too?


Switch your project to 64bit, make sure TMS IntraWeb Component Pack source folder is added in your 64bit lib path and do a full rebuild of the app for 64bit target.
Hello again,
when i switch zu 64bit i can select any component.
Paths are looking good.
The components are there (but disabled) and the popup
means he has only for 32bit?

I has followed the Install.txt to the letter?
Do you has a Idea what is wrong here?

Sorry i can not attached any image here :(

Can you please provide a screenshot by email so I can further investigate this?

Design  your project in 32.
AFTER designing, switch your compiler target to Win64

Yes this trick will do it. Please let me ask: would you fix this in future?

We've added this on the todolist.

Thank you very much, and for the quick help too. Have a nice Day ;)