TAdvToolButton problem


I just installed the latest TMS Component Pack and I am facing  a problem with all my apps. All TAdnToolButtons now appear with their caption although the ShowCaption was false. I changed that once more but when I reopen my projects again the captions appear. Any help would be mostly appreciated.

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I should note that this happens with TAdvToolButtons that have an Action assigned

I have this annoying problem too. Already spent 2 hours install/reinstall the latest package but could not fix it. In my case, all button's ShowCaption property are automatically set to true.

I turn these property to false and save the form, they are all turned back to true.

I use VIM to modify the .dfm, change all of them to False, and open the form in RAD studio, they were changed back to True again.

System OS : Win7/ AMD 64bit,  RAD XE, delphi project, delphi form  with ribbon gui.

We have internally already applied an improvement for this and next update will have this improvement and not longer set ShowCaption automatically to true when you have set a value for Caption.

Hello Bruno,

Is it possible to get/apply the fix now?

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Contact us by direct email if you need an urgent fix.

Does this bug be fixed on component pack version 7.1.3 ?

Yes, contains the latest update with this fix.