TAdvSmoothPanel and caption color


When you set Caption --> BackgroundColor or BackgroundColorTo or ColorEnd or ColorStart it doesn't work.
In design is ok but when you run application is bad.

Could you check this?


This happen because of the new UIStyle property.
It works as the other stylers. If you want to change the properties to your preferences,
you will first need to change the style to 'tsCustom'.

We will change the behavior in the following update, where the UIStyle will be set to ‘tsCustom’ on creation after getting the initial Office look.

This will give you the newest look, but will also make it possible to change the style to your preferences.

Ok ... thanks


When do you plan making this update available?

We aim for a release Feb 10 or 11


Will it solve the issue with autoadapting style to TAdvPanel as well. I have lot's of visually predefined TadvPanels, and now these settings are overrided with style settings (tsCustom don't work in all cases)


We've also changed this for TAdvPanel.

In case you have any other issues with the tsCustom style, could you please give us more details?