TAdvToolButtons and captions

I just upgraded to TMS Component Pack 7.1.5.  The issue with the captions and TAdvToolButtons was supposedly fixed with 7.1.3, but not for my projects it seems. With 7.1.5 I set ShowCaption for each button to false, yet when I close and then reopen the project the captions are back and ShowCaption is set to true. 

Each AdvToolButton is linked to an action and a solution is to simply delete the caption for the action.  The actions are standard actions for a RichView text component.  I have found in the past that I have to move the actionmanager for RichView actions to a DataModule to prevent conflicts with the copy and paste functions of the AdvStringGrid component - but this may have nothing to do with the issue with AdvToolButton captions. 

Can the caption issue with AdvToolButtons be fixed?

We cannot reproduce this.
You can download our test app from here:

ShowCaption = false and this remins false after closing & reopening this project.

Thanks for checking.  I suspect that my problem is linked to the RichView actions (used with the RichView word processor).  If I link the button to another action that has a caption the TMS button ShowCaption stays "false" after closing and reopening the project.  If I link the button to a RichView standard action - such as "new" or "file open" - and the action has a caption, the button ShowCaption is toggled back to "true" when the project is reopened.  (My work-around solution was to simply remove all of the captions from the RichView standard actions that I use.)

As I said before, whenever I have TMS AdvStringGrid and the RichView wordprossessor components on the same form I have conflicts between the AdvStringGrid copy, cut, and paste functions and the RichView actions.  If I simply move the RichView action manager to a data module there are no conflicts with the AdvStringGrid, but it appears that there are conflicts with other TMS components.  I wonder if many of the "problems" that TMS cannot reproduce are due to conflicts between TMS components and the other 3rd party components that the programmer needs.  It is a pity that you do not have a full-featured word processor component.

We do not know the RichView word processor and do not have installed this here, so I cannot judge whether there is a real conflict or not.

What *exact* kind of conflicts do you have?
With respect to the actions, can it be that you will not see the problem when you have the actionlist on the same form as the TAdvToolButton's?