ShowCaption issue

I am using AdvToolBarButtons in an AdvToolBarContainer, which is in an AdvToolBar on an AdvPage.  The buttons are all linked to Actions that each have an Image and a Caption.  I do not want the captions for the AdvToolBarButtons to show - just the button - so I set each button's ShowCaption property to false.

This works for one session.  The next time I load the program "all" of the button ShowCaption properties have been reset to True and all of the unwanted Captions are displayed.  This happens whether I use my old Delphi XE or my new Berlin 10.1.

One solution is to set all of the button ShowCaption properties to false in the form OnCreate event, but I shouldn't have to do this.

Why does the ShowCaption property reset?  What simple step am I missing?

I have retested this here but I cannot see this problem.
You can download the test project from: 

What are you doing different from this?