AdvToolBarPager windows shortcuts problem


I have implemented the AdvToolBarPager in my app and my users are now whinging about the following:

- When you resize the window so that all the tabs do not fit across the top, the tab group captions disappear altogether. Is this bug? Is there a way to just truncate them or show a compact version rather than have them disappear?
- You cannot click on the title bar and drag the window onto another screen.
- You cannot use the Windows + arrow keys to position the window

I think the last 2 are because the title bar no longer displays and is rendered by the AdvToolBarPager component.  Is there a way to have this component respond to dragging and the Windows + arrow keys as per standard applications? Or can the standard Windows title be displayed in addition to the AdvToolBarPager rendered version (won't look as nice but then standard functions apply)?


Did you set AdvToolBar.CompactCaption?
See Office2007 demo, Styles toolbar for example.

I'm not sure what you mean with "click & drag the window". Are you referring here to the compact button dropdown window? I can't see a possibility to drag this dropdown window in Office either?


The captions on the toolbars/toolbar buttons are not the problem, it is the captions on the tabgroups that disappear.  There does not seem to be a CompactCaption option for the tabgroup itself.

As for the other items, this is standard Windows application functionality that no longer works when you enable the ribbon (because the title bar is no longer displayed and is rendered by the ribbon?) .
Hold down the Windows key and press left arrow to snap to left 
Hold down the Windows key and press right arrow to snap to right
Hold down the Windows key and press up arrow to maximise
Hold down the Windows key and press down arrow to minimise
Click and drag the window title bar to move the window to another screen
I will email through some screenshots


OK I've discovered the Windows shortcuts stop working as soon as you descend from TAdvToolBarForm instead of TForm and the title bar is removed. I've reverted back to TForm to restore this functionality. I now have an additional title bar which I can live with although it would be nice if TAdvToolBarForm also supported the standard TForm windows shortcut keys.

I still have the issue with the tabgroup captions however.

It was not clear you were referring to these particular shortcuts.
The issue at hand is that when a TAdvToolBarForm is used, the form style (underlying window style in particular) needed to be changed (borderstyle = bsNone) and Windows doesn't handle these shortcuts for this particular style. So far, we have not yet found a workaround for this.

Seems that using Windows +Arrow keys for snapping to screen border and creating a split screen display is still not working. When using TAdvToolBarForm  as main form, this applies to App styles Office 2013 and Office 2016, which are borderless...
Any chance to see this happen in a future version?!

We had already spent a significant amount of time to investigate and find a workaround but so far unsuccessful. We'll reopen the case.

I found this approach for snapping to a nearby screen border, which works well:
But it is of course not the same and will not do the split-screen thing...

So far, we have been unable to force Windows to apply  this behavior on what is basically a borderless Window and the ribbon look requires such borderless window. It remains something we'd wish to address but technically, we were not able yet.