TAdvToolBarPager + Styler

I am testing the AdvToolBarPager in conjunction with the associated Styler component. I have based this test on the Office2010Demo. The question I have is about the colour of the caption bar. This caption bar is the one at the top of the pager on which I am about to put a QuickAccessToolBar. Not the Caption bar which is about to disappear when I run the application.

As I change the style from lets say tsOfficeBlue to tsOfficeSliver all looks fine at design time. However when I run the application, the caption colour is always the same (Windows Form Caption Blue). Is this a bug, a feature or am I doing something wrong. It would be nice to have the situation where the style remains the same.

We could not clearly understand you problem, please write more details like what happened when you change the style at run time in office2010demo, your environment (aero on/off) etc.

OK, maybe I had misunderstood what to expect. The result is similar to Microsoft Word. I was confused by the background colour of the QuickAccessToolbar when placed on to the AdvToolBarPager. It's different at Run Time. More questions to follow on the QuickAccessToolBar and other components placed on to the AdvToolBarPager.