AdvToolBarOfficeStyler issue


I am using a TAdvToolBarPager (version and I have assigned a TAdvToolBarOfficeStyler as a ToolBarStyler. I set the TAdvToolBarOfficeStyler to a style I like e.g. bsOffice2016White but need to tweak it a little bit (change a few colors). How can it be done? It looks like that any change I make does not apply but if I change the TAdvToolBarOfficeStyler style to bsCustom I loose most of the previous selected style features.

Any ideas would be mostly appreciated :)

If you want to tweak a style starting from a predefined style, start by setting to the style to the desired style, i.e. bsOffice2016White and then switch the style to bsCustom after which you can start modifying other color properties. With this approach, I cannot see an issue here.

Hello Bruno,

Thank you very much for your prompt reply. I need to send you an image to display the issue but I cannot find a way to upload an image here?!!! I will contact your support through email :)


Since I have not received an answer yet here is a link displaying the issue

Can you please confirm that the behaviour displayed in the image is not correct?

This behavior is not correct. In this particular case, necessary startup initialization for the Office 2016 style is not happening (because style is bsCustom), so as a workaround, I'd suggest to set the style to bsOffice2016white and then do the customizations in code after the form is loaded, i.e. set style then to bsCustom and change colors you want to change.

Hello Bruno,

Will try your suggestion :)



I have kind of the same issue.
AdvToolBarOfficeStyler style is set to bsOffice2016White at design time. 
First of all, i can't see any change in the properties of the object as i set this style. If i set bsOffice2007Luna for example (or any style prior to bs2013...) the value of the properties (colors mainly) are changing, not when i switch to bsOffice2016White (i don't know if that's normal or not). 
Secondly, i tried, at run time, to set the style to bsCustom and then change the size of the tab text font, but it doesn't work. If at run time i change the style to bsOffice2007Luna, it works (the style changes and the font size also). So the bscustom style doesn't seem to work? And the office2016 neither...
Can you help me? I would really like to avoid recreating a whole new style just for one font size...

Thanks a lot in advance!

When I do a test like generating a new Office 2016 ribbon app , then switch the to tsOffice2007Luna and after that back to tsOffice2016White, I see colors change back to the mainly white Office 2016 colors. I'm not sure what you do different.

When you switch to bsCustom, basically nothing happens. With this style, it means that the styler component no longer forces the colors but let's the user to change the colors to styles deviating from the standard styles.