Paint problem TAdvToolbarPager

  1. Run the Office201Metro\Office2010Demo project. All works like expected.
  2. Add a new page, so now you have the default "Home" and the new "AdvPage2" pages.
  3. Run the demo again and change the style to "Metro Light".
  4. Click the File menu then click to Home page, click the AdvPage2 page. Tabs get painted correct (ie. white).
  5. Now click again the File menu then click the Home page etc. Now the tabs are painted blue not white...
When does TAdvToolbarPager support the VCL Styles ? All major other components do in the meantime. 

Do you use the latest version of the component? I have retested this here and I cannot see this problem here.

With respect to VCL styles, we have no plans to support this for the ribbon. The VCL styles are significantly different from typical Office ribbon/toolbar styles and most would not even look good on ribbon. We prefer to stick to Microsoft defined look & feel which is also what their ribbon UI licensing prescribes.

Yes, tested with the latest version and on Delphi Berlin. In another application I have als o paint problems with the ribbon. The IDE design mode is on tsWindows10 and wordks good, the tabs and pages are (light)gray. When I run the application the pages stay gray but the tabs are white and with some half painted borders. Designing in tsOffice2010Blue and then changing to tsWindows10 during startup of the application works everything as expected (ie tabs and pages gray). There must be some initialization issues... The Office2016 color styles doesn't follow the MS look, it just resembles..

I have followed the steps as you described with our Metro Office 2010 demo on Delphi 10.1 Berlin / Windows 10, but as explained, I could not reproduce that the pager returns back to blue.

Okay, I can send you the demo.