TAdvToolBarOfficeStyler Styles

Has the way that styles work for the TAdvToolBarOfficeStyler changed since the introduction of styles bsWindows8 and beyond?

Essentially in Design Time when changing a style between bsOffice2003Blue to bsOffice2010Black we can see all of the colour properties (such as TabAppearance) change. But changing them to a style between bsWindows8 and bsOffice2016Black we see no change in the properties.

We previously used bsOffice2010Silver and tweaked particular colours in design time. This does not seem to be possible with styles bsWindows8 and later. I would like to use bsOffice2016White and tweak certain elements of it (such as GlowButton colours). I'm assuming this isn't possible?

I have just retested this here but I cannot see a problem here. When changing to bsOffice2016Black, all toolbars, buttons, .. change to dark gray.

For customized styles, set the style to bsCustom after setting it to bsOffice2016White first to invoke the default style. After setting to bsCustom, you can do any further changes you want.

I can see that the TAdvToolBarPager that is attached to the TAdvToolBarOfficeStyler visually changes in design time (and run time also). But the many properties in the Object Inspector do not update.

For instance if I set TAdvToolBarOfficeStyler.Style to bsOffice2003Olive and then set it to bsOffice2016White I can see GlowButtonAppearance properties change, but properties inside PageAppearance maintain a lot of olive colours, if I then change the style to bsCustom the toolbar appears mainly olive (but glow buttons look like office 2016).

This is because in Office 2016 mode, these properties aren't used at all.
So, if you want a non Office 2016 mode as custom mode to look like Office 2016, you'll need to change these color settings as well.