Working the right way with TAdvAppStyler

I get very confused about how to work with TAdvAppStyler / TAdvFormStyler.
I get the basic idea, but I don't think it works everywhere.
I have a Datamodule with a TAdvAppStyler and a Form with a TAdvFormStyler.
Both have AutoThemeAdapter set to True. The TAdvFormStyler is connected by means of AppStyle to the TAdvAppStyler.
For some reason the TAdvFormStyler is set to tsOffice2010Silver, but that must be no problem, because it will be controlled be means of TAdvAppStyler. I hope....
After this I inherit some forms from that form with the TAdvFormStyler and I change nothing.
I then start the program and set TAdvAppStyler's style in the Create method of the Datamodule to tsOffice2016White. I now expect all Forms to be in tsOffice2016White. But that isn't the case.... Some are still in tsOffice2010Silver style.
It also doesn't work to set the style of TAdvAppStyler to tsOffice2016White at designtime. The whole program then stays in tsOffice2010Silver. The only way I get the program to work correct is when I delete the TAdvAppStyler and set all TAdvFormStylers by hand....

I have some more issues, e.g. with a TAdvToolBarPager, but first I'd like to have this solved.

I have it working somewhat by switching all the AutoTheAdapter settings
to False. I don't know what they do, but leaving them on does not work.
Other issues I have:
When switching to a dark theme (e.g. tsOffice2016Dark) the TAdv grids
and Treeviews don't change to dark. I have no idea how to fix that.
The upper border of the form (using a TAdvFormStyler ribbon) always
stays white without buttons (regardless of the theme set), although I
did what you said in the manual: "The TAdvToolBarPager can be used to
replace a regular form caption, ie. it allows to move the form, close,
minimize or maximize it. To achieve this, set TAdvToolBarPager.CanMove =
true and enable the buttons that should be visible in the caption under
TAdvToolBarPager.CaptionButtons. To have a rounded border, descend your
form from TAdvToolBarForm. "
Is there another setting I have to enable?

AutoThemeAdapt = true will automatically set the TMS style to the chosen style of the user on the Windows machine for his Microsoft Office apps.

Other than this, the article explains the use of the stylers.
There is no Office2016Dark style, but when I set it here to Office2016Black, the grid fixed cells turn black.
When you use the TAdvToolBarPager, do you use this on a form that descends from TAdvToolBarForm?

I have Office2016 on my machine, no older version, so it's a bit strange that the application thinks it has to simulate Office2010. This machine is a few months old and never had Office2010 installed.
I read the piece about the stylers, that has been some help, but not for the finer details.
You are right about the Office2016Black Style. I tried that and the Office2016Grey style, but in both cases the grids and Treeviews stay white. I use a TAdvColumnGrid and some TAdvTreeViews. Could there be a setting that causes them to ignore the stylesettings?
The problem with the TAdvToolBarPager disappeared when I restarted Delphi. I did use the TAdvToolBarForm as stated in the manual. But that's no problem anymore.

When Office 2016 is installed, there should be a registry key:

It is from there that the Office 2016 setting is picked up.
With respect to grid or treeview normal cell / node background color, this isn't affected by the Office style. Just like the Excel cells, these remain white.