TadvToolBar and VerticalPoly List Color


I have added a AdcToolBar plus a verticalPolylist Menu in a frame just as shown in the documentation.
I use the Office2019White style.
When I change the app color, the menue frame called by the AdvShapeButton (has the right color) does not chnage from blue to the app color.
It works when I use the wizard, but stops working when I copy it to the destination form.

(Moving all the code and items from the old form into the wizard-created form is not really an option)
Which property do I miss?
The menue buttons in the frame also look strange once selected


Do you descend your form from TAdvToolBarForm

No, from a normal form.
Actually, I gound that I needed to add


to the on ChnageStyleevent now it is fine.

Is there any other advantage to use TadvToolbarForm?
I don't want to have the caption bar removed, however, I see that if I close the form with the frame open, it stays on the screen, so I guess it needs to be closed by the program?



The TAdvToolBarForm is designed to handle the window caption as needed for a ribbon app.

Yes I know but it is not working too well, regarding moving and high DPI

I retested this here, I could not see issues in the latest version.