AdvToolbarPager Office2019 Style: Color indicator

I really appreciate the new Office 2019 Styles for the AdvToolbarPager.
I would like to change the color of the unterbline that indicates the active page to the app specific signal color.
However, I cannot find the right property to di this, neither in the component itself, nor in the styler.

Can you help me?



To customize this, you will need the TAdvToolbarOfficeStyler and set the AppButtonColor property to the color that you prefer.

Thanks for your RE.
I do use the styler. However, when using Office2019Gray, the appcolorButton Prop is some Blue in the property expector while it is black in the application afterwards.
Also, if I change it, there is no impact on the line, still black

VCL styles also seem to interfere with the AdvToolBarPager. e.g. when using Windows 10 as VCL Style, the tabs become visible again and the background of the ToolBarPager is drawn very light instead of the Office2019Color ...


That's correct, as we mimic the behavior of the office styles, the app color is only used in the White theme for Office 2019. Therefor it is currently not possible to set the line color in the Black or Gray theme.

It is also not possible to combine the Office styles with the VCL styles. As we don't know which style should have priority for each customer, the VCL style is always used. If you don't want to use the VCL colors with the TAdvToolbarPager, could it be a possibility to place a TAdvFormStyler on your form?
This will force the TAdvToolbarPager to use the office style over the VCL style.

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Thank for your RE.
The interdependence between VCL Styles and TMS Office Styles seems complicated, especially as the 2019 styles are more than just color schemes.
I will try out as suggested



I set the AppButtonColor, but this will change only the color of the App button. I see already the blue bottom line on the tab beneath. I could not find this option in the settings.

If I use the Office2016 style, then the tabs looks like on Office 2019, but the color is different.

Is there any overview on the different appearence settings, that connect to the visual settings of the ToolBar?

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Please start a new Office 2019 style ribbon application from Delphi and change in AdvFormStyler the AppColor property and this will change the app button color and the application menu background and the tab underline color.