TAdvPopupMenu not using Styler

I thought I had found the answer to my problem with this post, but when clicking on a TAdvToolBarMenuButton, the displayed menu is grey, rather than the tsOffice2019Black style of the toolbar. I have the following on the same form:

TAdvAppStyler - TAdvFormStyler - TAdvToolBarOfficeStyler - TAdvMenuStyler

TAdvFormStyler.AppStyler is set to my TAdvFormAppStyler
TAdvFormStyler.Style = tsOffice2019Blue

TAdvToolBarOfficeStyler.AdvMenuStyler is set to my TAdvMenuStyler
TAdvToolBarOfficeStyler.Style = tsOffice2019Blue

TAdvPopupMenu.MenuStyler is set to my TAdvMenuStyler
TAdvPopupMenu.UIStyle = tsOffice2019Blue

Whatever I change AppStyler.Style to, the toolbar will appear in that style, however the PopUpMenu will always be grey.


Here's what I'm getting. I assume menu's should change colour too?

I originally added a menu to a TAdvToolBarButton (the first 'New' button on the toolbar), but then added a TAdvToolBarMenuButton (the second 'New' button on the toolbar). Both produce a grey menu.

As both of the 'New' buttons use the same styler (ParentStyler=true), do you know why the TAdvToobBarMenuButton would have black text, but the Home and first New buttons have white text?

Problem1 solved.
I was using a TAdvMenuStyler. Changing to a TAdvMenuOfficeStyler fixed the menu colour.

There is still a difference in the caption colour of the TAdvToolBarButton and TAdvToolbarMenuButton.

This has been fixed and will be implemented in the following TMS VCL UI Pack release.