TADVStringgrid - Drag Drop Outlook attachment

Hi all,

Is it possible to drag and drop an attachment (for example a PDF File) of an outlook email directly to a TADVStringgrid. The attachment should be copied to a folder and only a link of the copied file should be written in a cell of the grid.

Greetings from Germany

That should be possible.
Set grid.DragDropSettings.OleDropTarget = true,  grid.DragDropSettings.OleAcceptFiles = true and when you drop a file on the grid the grid.OnOleDropFile should be triggered.

I had already done this to drag drop a file from Windows Explorer and this works great. But when I try this from my Outlook (365) the grid will not accept the file attached to an Email and the event is not triggered.

We investigated this and it appears that files dragged out of Outlook are handled with a special drag & drop format, different from file dragging from Windows Explorer for example.
We'll need to investigate this specific format and see if it will be feasible to support it in TAdvStringGrid.